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Unibet releases new, innovative slot game
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Today Unibet.com released a new exclusive slot, Crime Pays, with a world-first, interactive multiplayer bonus game with a €50,000 ‘must-win’ jackpot.

New game Crime Pays - released today, January 15th, by Unibet - will see players taking on the role of an ex-cop turned private eye, looking to take down the criminals that killed his brother and making sure crime doesn’t pay!

Created to mimic a big screen Hollywood blockbuster, with cinematic visuals and a custom composed original soundtrack. The Crime Pays slot is crammed full of original features and exciting game play options.

As a world first, the bonus game in Crime Pays Video Slot is an interactive, multiplayer game. Players choose from a number of options to track down the criminal mastermind's hideout and win the main prize. The jackpot must be won before all of the options have been selected.

Needless to say, as the number of hide-outs go down the excitement goes up as the chances of finding the Mastermind and the €50,000 fixed jackpot increases every time someone picks the ‘wrong' hideout! 

The fixed jackpot is expected to pay out roughly every 3-4 weeks, making the game extremely interesting for players looking for a big win and also enticing players to keep coming back.

There is another ‘first’ to look out for with Crime Pays Video Slot. In November 2013, through an online competition on Unibet.com, one lucky Unibet player won the possibility to be featured in the game and was used as the basis for one of the characters shown on the reels in the main game. The lucky winner was truly excited about being immortalised as part of Crime Pays Video Slot, saying it was fun and cool to know he would be part of a slot game.

Crime Pays Video Slot is exclusively available at Unibet.com and Maria.com. 

It is the latest in series of exciting and unique titles excusive to the brands and continues our commitment to bring something new and different to the slots market. Other recent exclusives include Troll HuntersRage to Riches andLeprechaun goes Egypt.

Screenshots from the game:

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