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Omni Casino Bonuses and Promotions
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New members at Omni Casino are warmly welcomed with 100% Bonus up to $100 Free on initial deposit, plus a 50% Bonus up to $200 Free upon 2nd deposit. Omni also has a special $500 welcome bonus for Highrollers for initial deposits of $1000 or more. Highrollers can look forward to special treatment in the VIP Club which comes with bigger and better bonuses, game maximums, comp points rate, and exclusive account handling priorities.

The rewarding Loyalty Program at Omni ensures that every wager counts towards your comp point balance, which make for a super boost to your balance when redeemed for cash chips. The weekly Newsletter keeps players informed with the latest news and special offers, extra bonuses and competitions including some big money tournaments to keep you entertained and in the money.

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