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Casino @ VCFrontline.com forumsLatest news! |  Nordicbet presents 5,000 to be won in our Monthly Slot Tournament
Nordicbet presents 5,000 to be won in our Monthly Slot Tournament
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All this month we are running a very special 5,000 Monthly Slot Tournament. The 1st Place winner will get 1,250 paid directly into their account!

All Classic Slots and Video Slots contribute to your score during in this tournament, which runs from 1 - 28 August, and the winners will be decided by most game rounds!


The 5,000 Monthly Slot Tournament prize structure is as follows:
   1st Place: 1,250
    2nd Place: 1,000
    3rd Place: 750
    4th Place: 600
    5th Place: 400
    6th Place: 200
    7th Place: 200
    8th Place: 200
    9th Place: 200
    10th Place: 200

The minimum bet is 1 to participate in the tournament and you are required to play a minimum of 300 game rounds to qualify.

Sign up now at Nordicbet to try your luck

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